Friday, November 14, 2008

A Salt Lake City Birthday Party

I admit it -- I'm starting to think of anything past 2100 South as "The Boonies". In trying to find birthday part options for my soon to be 5 year old, I keep hitting a wall. The idea of planning a party in Sandy or West Valley where many of the party venues seems to be overly arduous.

I like venues on the Trax line the best. Discovery Gateway, Clark Planetarium and the Utah Museum of Natural History are all easily reached by Trax and are all great choices if you are looking for something a little bit deeper than a "bounce house" party.


Melissa said...

Discovery Gateway has fun parties and members get I think a 10% discount. We want to do that for Connor's 5th party (yes I realize that's 1.5 years away but I'm a planner I am!)

Melissa said...

Oh and on the science front there are always these people too
they come to your location (wherever that is) and do science experiments.

Mya said...

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